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Editor of PA daily: Israel stole the land and occupies it

Editor of official PA daily wrote a political opinion piece criticizing someone for using PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ statements about handing over keys for his own political purposes.
“The story of the keys isn’t the President’s [Abbas’] invention. It is an echo of what [Israeli MP] Yossi Beilin called for eight months ago, and that Abbas rejected. The President is now using the same image to make clear that we’re fed up. His words mean: ‘You occupy the land. You stole the trunk and everything that’s in it. So we won’t agree to keep its key with us. We’ll throw it back in your face to prove that you stole, and we won’t allow anything to put a pretty face on your occupation.’
As far as the President’s opposition to a third Intifada, that’s his position in principle. Family members of 4,000 Martyrs who will die in this promised Intifada, are hoping the President will stick to it.”

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