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Map on Fatah's Facebook page erases Israel


On January 1, 2013, Fatah celebrated “Launch Day,” commemorating the 48th anniversary of Fatah's first terror attack. Fatah's Facebook page posted this and other pictures to commemorate the anniversary. This picture includes a  map painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag. The map includes not only Palestinian cities, but also Israeli cities like Safed, Acre, Tiberias, Haifa, Beit Shean, Nazareth, Jaffa, Ramle, Be'er Sheva, and Jerusalem.

In the upper left corner, there is a picture of terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. The next picture shows Arafat with Abu Jihad, one of the founders of Fatah who was responsible for many terrorist attacks, among them the Coastal Road attack that Dalal Mughrabi led.

The Fatah logo, which includes a grenade and crossed rifles over the map of “Palestine” that erases Israel, appears in the center of the picture, and the text reads: “Committed to the promise of… the Launch.” "Launch Day" is the date Fatah celebrates as the anniversary of its first terror attack.
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