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Fatah song glorifies violence: “Slice ‎open the enemy’s chest… I have no ‎love other than the love of the rifle”‎

“Long Live Fatah Men,” sung by the ‎Al-Asifa band:
‎“Long live all Fatah men‎
Long live Fatah and the revolution
Long live all Fatah men.‎

Shoot the DShK [Russian anti-aircraft ‎weapon] and the machine gun
Let the whole world hear
The Palestinian will never bow down
other than to the Lord of the universe ‎
Eilabun is the first shot
And Fatah is responsible
The oath is to free the state from the ‎hands of the Zionists

No one prevailed over us
We burst over the borders
We fear only He who created us
We do not fear death

The Fatah man does not take things ‎lightly
His nature is not to take things lightly
He fires the mortar
The 500 machine gun

Strike, mortar, strike!‎
Slice open the enemy’s chest, slice [it] ‎
I’m a Palestinian and I want my right
My full right

We loaded the vest with ammunition
We lived in caves
We fenced the homeland with barbed-wire
And we filled its borders with mines
Ours is the hard way
Bullets, sing for us
The sound of rifle fire gladdens us”‎

The singer Balawneh reads a love song to ‎Fatah, and ends with the following words:‎
‎“Fatah taught me, Thank you, Fatah
I have no love other than the love of the ‎rifle.”‎