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Singer at Fatah event calls Saddam Hussein “the glorious Martyr leader”

PA TV broadcast parts of a celebration of Fatah’s 48th anniversary that took place Dec. 31, 2012. The crowd reacted enthusiastically to singer Adnan Balawnah’s introduction to his band Al-Asifa’s song, when he recalled the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein:
“We will not forget the Martyr (Shahid) of the Islamic Ummah (Nation) and the Arab nation, the glorious Martyr leader, Field Marshal Saddam Hussein. [Crowd cheers.] As you know, today is the anniversary of his Martyrdom death.

Note: Senior PA and Fatah leaders were in the audience: PLO Executive Committee member Saeb Erekat, Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen, Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake, Governor of Bethlehem Abd Al-Fattah Hamael, Governor of Hebron Kamel Hamid.