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Palestinians are “true owners of the land” who were forced out by “Zionist gangs”

Headline: “The Nakba and the Intilaqa anniversary as seen by senior officials"
“’48 is no more than a number, yet it has changed the face of history. Since the Nakba (i.e., ‘the catastrophe,’ Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) it’s been etched on Palestinian skulls in disgusting black, because the uprooting and refugee phenomenon took place in 1948. But is it fate or an attempt to rectify history that the Palestinian revolution and the Fatah movement are celebrating 48 years since the Intilaqa (i.e., the ‘Launch’, term referring to the 1965 start of Fatah terror attacks) just after achieving statehood at the UN? Is this the preface to realizing the dream of a return to the land crying for its [true] owners who were forced to leave it by the Zionist gangs?
The heart forgets what the eye does not see, as the saying goes, but on the anniversary of the Palestinian revolution Palestinians did not forget the spark of that first bullet that reversed the equation. Many had thought that the Palestinian revolutionaries were despondent, and all that was left for them was to give up. [Then] a Fatah fedayeen (self-sacrificing fighter, someone prepared to die for a cause) squad infiltrated occupied Palestinian land (i.e., Israel) in January 1965 and blew up the Eilabun tunnel through which Jordan River water was being pumped to the Negev desert in order to build settlements to house Jewish immigrants…
Fatah Secretary in Nablus Mahmoud Shtayyeh told Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that the (Fatah) movement cannot forget our people’s Nakba in 1948 and give up on the Palestinian right of return, no matter what the conditions…”