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Fatah strategy: Combine “armed struggle” with “political activism”; “popular resistance” isn’t necessarily peaceful

PA TV’s Good Morning Palestine interviewed Salwa Hadib, member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council.
 Salwa Hadib: “Fatah has combined [different forms of] national activity – whether it was armed struggle or political activism – from the day it was founded up until today…
From its beginning, Fatah has resisted. [When] we say ‘popular resistance’, that doesn’t necessarily mean peaceful. Similarly, at the Sixth [Fatah] Conference meeting Fatah did not abandon the armed struggle. If [Fatah] finds itself [in a position like that of] the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades who participated in all forms of resistance in the Gaza Strip, then the Fatah Movement won’t give up on military resistance either. Nonetheless, the present period is a clear political campaign to show the world that the Palestinian people is a people that seeks equality, peace, justice, and a state of our own. We are a people with a will. We battle and we struggle with all our strength and in all the ways available to us.
The popular resistance must be daily, every hour in every neighborhood, and not just at the check-points. They must break through the check-points and cross over the fence in order to be real ‘popular resistance.’”