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JPost on PA denial of Jewish connection to Jerusalem

Barry Shaw  |

Original Thinking: Palestinian flags over Jerusalem

by Barry Shaw

Let’s not be too downhearted. There are other solutions to a failed two-state paradigm that do not include a one-state answer. These alternatives have simply not been allowed the air and space to germinate and take hold.

Mahmoud Abbas said on November 11 that Palestinians “would continue the march until victory when Palestinian flags are hoisted over the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and its mosques and churches.”

As if this wasn’t bad enough news, notice he did not say anything about synagogues, or Jewish holy places. In case you were wondering, this has nothing to do with his respect for our sacred sites. He hasn’t got any. On the contrary, if we are to believe what official Palestinian TV News is saying.

The Palestine Media Watch NGO of Itamar Marcus exposed an item: The Palestinian Authority has denounced the existence of any Jewish history in Jerusalem. In this report, it claimed that the Jewish Temple “exists only in the minds of radical organizations.”

Not only do they deny Jewish identity to Jerusalem and the land, they actively reject and destroy all evidence and facts placed before them.

Instead, they invent an ancient Palestinian history in its place. The Palestinian Authority, from Abbas down, accuses Israel of stealing Palestinian heritage when confronted with the evidence of our history.

So what hope is there for mutual understanding and recognition? There is none.

What do Palestinian flags flying over Jerusalem mean in real-estate terms? And what are the potentially explosive repercussions of such a move? Would they be hoisted over the Temple Mount, the Western Wall? They have already said they do not recognize such a place...

And here’s the clincher. Even if Israel were to be naïve enough to hand over this real estate to Palestinians, will we be able to live with ourselves, will be able to live, when Hamas takes over the feeble Palestinian Authority and rules over these vital assets in the heart of Jerusalem? What would we have sacrificed for peace when that day comes, as it inevitably will? Will we see the Islamic flag, alongside the Palestinian one, flying over sacred Jewish and Christian sites, announcing yet another conquest in their regional and global crusade? At that point we will realize, too late, that our “peace gesture” was, in reality, surrender and submission to their will...

So let’s stop dreaming and get real. Let’s not waste time trying to persuade a weak, cowardly, rejectionist and devious leader of a Palestinian minority who, in recent local elections in the West Bank, failed to secure majorities in any of the main towns and cities, including Ramallah, to recognize the Jewish state and live in peace alongside us.

It’s a futile exercise. It’s something he is loath to do. In any case, even if he agreed on a deal he is incapable of delivering any solution.

The Palestinian Arabs, beyond his parochial parish area, have no intention of settling for anything less than the elimination of the Zionist entity.

It is clear, from their public incitement and declarations, that none of them has any desire to live alongside us in peace and harmony.

On the contrary, as we recently witnessed, they really want to kill us.

A people whose bible doesn’t mention Jerusalem once, a people who, when they pray in Jerusalem do so with their backsides facing the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, cannot claim Jerusalem as a capital based on religious grounds, despite their protests.

In truth, they want it as a statement of conquest, to plant their flag to displace the Jewish infidel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem. It’s less about having their state. It’s more about destroying our state and planting their victory flag over Jerusalem...