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Abbas representative: "Ask for death!"

Moderator at Fatah ceremony:‎ ‎ "Mahmoud Abbas' speech, as delivered by his representative ‎Abbas Zaki"‎
Fatah Central Committee member, Abbas Zaki: “If Jan. 1, 1965 became a national holiday ‎‎(i.e., attempted terror attack on Israel’s National Water Carrier), then the battle of Karameh ‎‎(1968) is the true date of birth [of Fatah] who wanted to fight against this enemy (the Israeli ‎army) that retreated. People asked Moshe Dayan (then Israel's Minister of Defense): What ‎happened to you, you with all the power at your disposal? He said: "What can I do if those ‎facing me have decided to die? If they had done the opposite, the matter would have been ‎determined." So ask for death, and life will be given to you.”‎
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