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Official PA daily libel: The Jewish Agency commits terrorism against Jews in France and Arab countries "for the purpose of forcing the Jews to ‎immigrate"

Headline: “The Palestinian refugee status ‎and Jewish immigration.”‎
From an op-ed by Hafez Barghouti:‎
‎“Gaddafi called the Libyan Jews to return. ‎Saddam Hussein called the Iraqi Jews to ‎return. Morocco still doesn’t oppose Jews ‎returning or living there. Egypt never ‎expelled the Jews; they were expelled ‎as part of a British-American-Israeli plan ‎to make them immigrate to Palestine. As ‎part of this plan, the Western ‎intelligence services and the Jewish ‎Agency operated covert terrorism by ‎blowing up synagogues and Jewish ‎stores for the purpose of forcing the ‎Jews to immigrate. Israel recently ‎finalized a file called ‘The Property of ‎Jewish immigrants from Arab countries’ ‎and said that the Jews were expelled from ‎Arab countries while leaving behind their ‎property and assets. Israel has begun to ‎demand reparations for this that may be ‎higher than the reparations paid to Jews ‎by Nazi Germany. Also, it has tied the ‎solution to their problem with the problem ‎of the Palestinian refugees.‎
Jews were never expelled from an Arab ‎country, because the plan, carried out in ‎Iraq by Zionist terror organizations, for ‎the purpose of terrorizing the Jews, ‎repeated itself also in Morocco, Libya, ‎Egypt and Yemen. For years now it has ‎repeated itself, in a way, in France in ‎order to terrorize the Jewish community ‎so that it immigrates, after the stock of ‎Jewish immigrants from the West ‎declined.”‎