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PA TV broadcasts favorable documentary on Fatah founders, including speech promoting Martyrdom by planner of Munich Olympics massacre

Official PA TV broadcast a documentary film named "Commanders in Palestinian Memory" about Fatah founders Abu Iyad and Abu Al-Hol and Abu Muhammad (Fakhri) Al-Omari. The film presents them favorably, with no reference to any of their specific terrorist acts.

A speech of Abu Iyad is shown during the film: "We knew that [raising] the flag of surrender was not in this revolution’s nature, nor in this leadership’s nature. We told them: 'We prefer death over walking out with a white flag.' That's what we did in Lebanon and in Beirut… We all fought honorably. We all defended this nation's honor honorably. We fought with the belief that we are fighting for a cause, and even if we die, our blood would be the fuel to light the torch of freedom and struggle not only in our Arab region, but in the entire world."

Note: Abu Iyad (Salah Khalaf) - A founder of Fatah and Head of the Black September terror group. Attacks he planned included the murder of two American diplomats, as well as the murders of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

Abu Al-Hol - One of the founders of Fatah