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EU donates €60 million to the PA to "help pay workers' salaries"

Headline: "The European Union has granted €100 million in support of the PA and UNRWA"
"With the beginning of the new year, the European Union decided to transfer the first segment of its 2013 grant in support of the Palestinian nation in the amount of €100 million. [The transfer will be made] to the PA and to UNRWA…
In a press release yesterday the European Union announced that its decision is comprised of two parts: The first, €60 million designated for the European PEGASE organization that supports the Palestinian national development program through aid to the PA… He noted that this amount will help pay workers' salaries for the first three months of 2013. The press release stated that the second part of the decision, €40 million, is earmarked for UNRWA's 2013 budget…"