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Education official on PA TV: Israel tries to turn Jerusalem youth into drug addicts

PA TV's program for young people, Speak Up, interviewed Khaled Hammad, Assistant Director of the Jerusalem Education Administration, about the reasons students drop out of school.
Khaled Hammad:  "The occupation has a hidden role [in Arabs dropping out of school]."
TV host: "Of course."
Hammad: "These people [Israelis] don't want an educated and learned generation [of Arabs] in Jerusalem, at all. They try to turn Jerusalem's [Arab] youth into drug addicts just like all the things that are done against the residents of Jerusalem."
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Note: The producer of this program, Palestinian Youth Association (PYALARA) is funded by NDC. NDC's international donors include: The European Union, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden. The World Bank and Agence Francaise De Developpement (NDC website, accessed sept. 2, 2013)

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