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US controls Jihadists' slaughter in Arab countries

Op-ed by regular columnist Fuad Abu Hajla:
“Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the socialist bloc in Europe, the United States has been striving to create a new straw man whose existence would justify all its wars, all its conspiracies and its policy of supporting oppression.

At that stage the Americans decided to activate their strategic allies. They urged Islamist movements to commit atrocities that tarnished the image of Islam and Muslims in the world, and allowed Washington to replace the Soviet threat, as it were, with an imaginary Islamic threat. [Thus] began the 'war against terrorism' that overthrew progressive pan-Arab regimes and culminated with the conquest of Arab states. But it did not put an end to even one terrorist organization from among the organizations to whom the United States had extended its long-distance sponsorship and for whom it had provided fertile ground to broaden and expand.

All this was accompanied by an American and Western mobilization against Islam, Muslims and Arabs, depicting them as terrorists who understand only the language of slaughter and slitting hostages' throats…

By a political decision, Salafists became Jihadists who with weapons confront all the tyrants of the world ­ except the Israeli tyrant, whom the Americans prohibited them from coming near.

That is how we and the whole world became accustomed to seeing pictures of cold-blooded murder and handcuffed hostages slaughtered with swords wielded by 'Jihadists’…

It seems as if Washington has still not got all it wanted out of these lunatics, and so it allows them to act freely and move from arena to arena in order to provide new despicable examples that substantiate the unjust image of Islam in the world. They are still murdering in Syria and they are still kidnapping and terrorizing in Algeria. They are in all the other Arab states ­ even if many of their cells are still dormant, to be awakened only when given an American green light."
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