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University student detained by PA police for distributing fliers that “slander” Abbas

Headline: "The Preventive Security clarifies the arrest of a Liberation Party activist in Tulkarem"
"The National Security Forces headquarters yesterday issued a clarifying statement concerning the arrest of a Liberation Party member in Tulkarem. It said: 'On Dec. 5, 2012, a Palestine Liberation Party flyer was distributed at Al-Khodori University in Tulkarem by the 'Awareness' faction (the student chapter of the Liberation Party). The flyer incites against President Mahmoud Abbas and slanders him personally.'
It went on to say, 'A party member distributed the flyer on campus in spite of university security forces attempts to stop him because the 'Awareness' faction is not part of the student council, and its activities violate university regulations.'
The statement noted that, 'On Dec. 6, 2012, he was issued a summons to appear at a meeting [with Security Forces], but he refused to answer the summons. He attacked and cursed the officer appointed to present him with the summons. His father and family members attacked and cursed [the officer] together with him.'
[The statement] added: 'On Jan. 13, 2013, he was arrested and brought to the Tulkarem jail for the required legal proceedings against him, but he cursed and attacked the workers there as he underwent a medical examination, and his belongings were confiscated.'"