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Prisoners protest against the PA for not giving full benefits

Headline: “Eight prisoners are on a hunger strike to protest their demands being ignored”
“From a tent they set up opposite the offices of the [PA] Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, eight released prisoners from the town of Tulkarem announced that they are beginning a hunger strike for an unlimited [period of time] to protest the fact that their demands are being ignored by the ministry and other responsible bodies.
Released prisoner Muhammad Sabah told Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that they have taken this step because the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs has ignored their demands. He noted that they were in prison for less than five years, and that they are being deprived of the minimal rights received by prisoners who were incarcerated for five years or more (i.e., receiving salaries). He went on to say: ‘On the twentieth of this month there was a sit-down strike opposite the building of the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, in order to demand justice. And a number of days later no one had yet related to our demands, even though the Minister for Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Karake, came and listened to our demands, without reacting to them.” He [Sabah] stressed that: “We’ve begun this hunger strike, now in its second day, with eight released prisoners participating, [and we will continue] until our key demands are met, first and foremost that we not be denied the benefits granted to prisoners who were in prison for more than five years. They (i.e., the PA) give a salary for only six months to prisoners who were in prison for less than five years, and health insurance for only a year.” He stressed that many of the released prisoners suffer from chronic diseases and mental illnesses, and need extended treatment.”

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