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Abbas sends General Supervisor of Palestine Broadcasting Corporation to speak in his name to media employees

Headline: "In a speech delivered by Riyad Al-Hassan on [President Abbas’] behalf, the President praises the performance of radio and TV personnel."

“President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas yesterday, Saturday [Jan. 26, 2013], praised the performance of radio and television employees. This was done in a speech delivered on his behalf by Chairman of Palestine Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), Riyad Al-Hassan, during a tribute held by the PA in Gaza City…
The President [Abbas] said, ‘I have sent you your brother, the Chairman of the [Palestine Broadcasting] Corporation [Riyad Al-Hassan], as my representative to convey to you my warmest wishes and my great appreciation for the efforts you have made over a long period and that you [continue] to make in order to introduce to the world your nation's cause and your people's great struggle to reclaim its stolen rights, and to establish its independent state on its national land with its capital, Jerusalem.’
He added: ‘Our attention has been drawn to your admirable performance during major national events on our land, especially during the attack on Gaza (i.e., reference to Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense that in response to Hamas rockets, targeted the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip), our great political victory at the UN (i.e., Palestine’s status as non-member state at the UN), and finally [the media] coverage of the rally in Gaza [celebrating] the Launch of the Palestinian revolution (i.e., reference to the anniversary of the Fatah Movement)…’
[Riyad] Al-Hassan, the General Supervisor of the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) and Chairman of the Board of Trustees [of the PBC], reviewed new milestones of PA TV."