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UNRWA's name displayed in logo of youth club that glorified suicide bomber Idris

In 2011, PMW reported that the Palestinian Al-Amari Youth Club held a football tournament glorifying suicide terrorist Wafa Idris. The same club posted a picture of female terrorist Wafa Idris on its Facebook page with text glorifying the terrorist. UNRWA's name appears on the Al-Amari Club's logo on its Facebook page.
 "Peace upon you, (i.e., suicide bomber Wafa Idris) daughter of Al-Amari (Refugee Camp.) Would that Heaven be enjoyable for you and Martyrdom death for Allah (Shahada) be enjoyable for you.
13 years have passed and your memory remains because you are the symbol of sacrifice. You are the symbol of pride, pride in its fullest, of our resolute refugee camp. You are the pride of the women of Palestine.
We pledge our loyalty to you, oh Wafa, oh she who fulfilled her commitment and fulfilled her promise, oh most noble of the noble ones. Rest in peace and may a light shine on your pure soul, the woman who is worth a thousand men." 

Caption on the picture: "The first female Martyrdom-seeker in the Al-Aqsa Intifada, Martyr (Shahida) Wafa Idris"
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Note: Wafa Idris killed one and injured more than 100 in her 2002 attack.
This picture was posted on Jan. 29, 2013 and PMW accessed it on May 16, 2013. Three days after PMW reported on it, the page was closed.
To view the Al-Amari Club logo that includes UNRWA's name, click "full article" below.

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