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Song dedicated to Palestinian prisoners honors arch-terrorists, on PA TV

Text on screen: "Dedicated by the Alashekeen band to our brave prisoners."
Clip of Mahmoud Abbas speech: "We will not rest until all [prisoners] are freed, and the prisons are emptied."
Lyrics of song: "We are pledged to the promise and the revolution. Our hearts are full of faith.
[Visuals of terrorists are shown.]

Descriptions of the terrorists shown in the video:
Ibrahim Hamed - serving 54 life sentences for planning suicide attacks, including the suicide bombings at Hebrew University (9 killed), Cafe Moment (12 killed), Cafe Hillel (7 killed), Zion Square in Jerusalem (11 killed).
Abbas Al-Sayid - serving 35 life sentences for planning two suicide bombings, one in 2002 at a Passover dinner, killing 30 Israelis, and another in 2001, killing 5 and wounding 100.
Yasser Abu Bakr - responsible for a terror attack in Netanya in 2002 in which a nine-month old baby and an adult were killed.
Nasser Awais - serving 14 life sentences for planning terror attacks in which 13 civilians were killed, including an attack at a private Bat-Mitzva celebration and the killing of a baby in 2002.
Fuad Al-Shubaki - serving 20 years for involvement in the Karine A Affair in 2002, in which 50 tons of illegal weapons were found aboard a Palestinian ship.
Ahmad Sa'adat - serving a 30-year sentence for heading the PFLP terror organization. A song at a PFLP event also praised him for planning the assassination of Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Ze'evi in 2001, but he has not been tried for this crime.
Marwan Barghouti - serving 5 life sentences for planning terror attacks.

Note: This video originally aired on May 7, 2012 and was rebroadcast 11 times in 2012 and twice on Jan. 30, 2013, once in 2014, 3 times in 2015 on Fatah-run Awdah TV and 8 times on PA TV, and 4 times in 2019, most recently on June 2, 2019. 

A new version of this video without the terrorists was broadcast in 2013 and repeatedly rebroadcast since then. 

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