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Antisemitic op-ed: The Elders of the Protocols of Zion is true

Opinion piece by Dr. Walid Shomaly:
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Where do we stand as far as they are concerned?" 
     "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion consist of 24 protocols that are a kind of plan formulated by the Jews to infiltrate the world and take it over. While many Jewish leaders claim that they (the Protocols) are a forgery and one of the greatest political fabrications of the modern era, others confirm that they are true and that they are the most dangerous plot of global domination that history has ever known.
These protocols appeared in Russia in 1901 in the Znamya newspaper in St. Petersburg, at the request of Russian Czar Nicolas II. The full version was published in 1905 by a man named Sergei Nilus. Each of these protocols has its strategic goals that Jews try to achieve. Since discussing each protocol in depth is beyond the scope of this work, I shall shed light on [only] a few of the central ideas in some of these protocols, not all of them.
The first protocol calls for the spread of anarchy and wars. It says: 'There are more people with bad instincts than with noble instincts, and therefore the best results for world domination can be achieved through violence and terror, rather than through academic discourse. Might makes right'...
Also, the first protocol contains plans to spread corruption in the world in order to establish firm Jewish rule that will reconstruct the order shattered by liberalism. Jews are to entice men through liquor, debauchery, and women, and to use fraud, bribery, and betrayal to achieve their goals.
The second protocol calls for a takeover of government, education, and the press. The fourth protocol calls for a takeover of trade and the destruction of religion - especially Christianity - and to overthrow the papacy, for they conspire to dissociate the concept of God from Christian nations and leave them absorbed in manufacturing, trade, and material matters. This is indeed what we see in western countries where to a great degree materialism prevails over their societies.
While the seventh protocol calls to instigate global wars, the ninth lays out plans to destroy moral values and dispatch agents. The thirteenth protocol calls to deaden awareness among the masses, and the fifteenth protocol calls for coups d'état and setting up secret cells.
Thus, according to their claims, the Jews will gain control through a number of sudden coups d'état that will occur simultaneously in all countries. They will seize control quickly, as governments announce that they are no longer capable of ruling the people.
We clearly see the pompous attitude of Jews towards goyim, that is gentiles, people who are not Jewish, in the following quotation from the fifteenth protocol: 'From the difference between the fertileness of our minds and those of the goyim, the advantages God bestowed upon us ever since He took us as His chosen people become clear, and the high level of humanity that was given us becomes apparent. As for the goyim, their minds are stagnant. They have eyes but do not see what is before them. They do not invent and do not create [anything] other than perhaps material things. From this we learn that nature itself has destined us to lead the world and rule it.'
As far as education is concerned, the sixteenth protocol calls for corrupting it so as to reduce gentiles to creatures incapable of independent thought. Regarding religion, the seventeenth protocol calls to crush religious authority, especially the papacy. It says: 'When our time comes to utterly crush the papacy, a hidden hand will give the sign for an attack, and when people fling themselves against the Vatican, we will appear as its defenders to stop the massacres. Thus we shall penetrate the depths of this court, and there will be no power on earth capable of removing us from it, until we will have destroyed papal rule. The king of Israel will become the world's real pope, patriarch of the international church.'
In this context we see how approximately eighty million Zionist Christians in the United States itself give Israel their absolute support, claiming [to belong to] Christianity while they in fact have no connection with it, for these people are Zionists in the guise of Christians. Thus they can achieve two goals: The first, to smash Christian values and perceptions from within; and the second, to support Zionism by legitimizing its occupation and settling of Palestine. Their pretext is that the Day of Judgment will come after the Battle of Armageddon, i.e., Mount Megiddo overlooking Marj ibn Amer (i.e., the Jezreel Valley, ed.). According to their belief, all Jews in the world are to assemble in Palestine for that battle, and at its conclusion 44,000 [Jews] will remain.
As regards impoverishing the nations and starving them so as to control them, the twentieth protocol calls for drowning countries in debts, and then forcing them to borrow from Jewish wealth at high interest rates, so that these countries will remain subservient and under their control.
Now, after this quick review of a few of these protocols, one wonders if the Jews belong to some other kind of human species, different from other nations. From where does all this evil and destructive energy derive? Do all the other nations deserve all this evil and hostility, just so that Jews may control them? Do all nations other than Jews really have clouded minds?
We do not deny the Jews' many contributions in science and general thought that have served humanity for ages... (Here Shomaly cites Philo, Maimonides, Spinoza, Freud, Marx, Kafka, Chagall, Disraeli, Einstein, and Jacques Derrida, ed.)... If we were to review all the Jews' contributions in all fields, we would need many pages, just as [we would need] for non-Jewish thinkers, geniuses and scientists.
We must note that Jews, especially since the beginning of the second half of the nineteenth century, persisted in their claim that European nations hated them and had contempt for them because they were Semites and not Aryans, something that led them to invent a new term, 'anti-Semite' in order to take advantage of that term to achieve their goals and succeed in their conspiracies. The Protocols were designed to organize these goals and categorize them so that they would not go off course in future generations. This makes us wonder: Have most of the things that appear in the Protocols been implemented in the west and in the east? Did the idea of a Jewish world government begin to be carried out towards the end of the last century? And does the US rule the world today in the name of the new world order for the benefit of the Jews, in accordance with these Protocols? Are we on the brink of the establishment of an evident Jewish world government?
Until we have answers to these questions and ponderings - as well as others - we say, 'May Allah help us, we the children of Palestine bent under the yoke of the cruelest settler occupation that modern history has known; this people that the Zionist movement's leaders want to subject to the 'illusions of their Protocols' with all their evil ideas that contradict human nature of the inhabitants of this planet."
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Note: The article was removed from Ma'an's website the day after PMW exposed it. In its place the site’s administration left a note explaining that “the article has been removed because it contains hate material."

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