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Palestinians are descendants of Canaanites and the land is “Canaanite Palestinian”

PA TV News reported live on the Palestinian outpost of “Kinaan” (Canaan) near Yatta.
 Rateb Jabura, the Coordinator of the National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements: “From the early morning hours we began building this village, the Kinaan (Canaan) Village. This name strengthens and emphasizes our thousands of years’ existence and history in these places, for our Canaanite fathers and forefathers are the ones who planted and built cities and created a world-class civilization.”
After the Palestinians were ordered to evacuate the outpost, PA TV correspondent Ali Dar Ali said: “It seems that the citizens are not accepting this, and will not obey this decision. This is a decision of the occupation and it has no validity. This land is Canaanite Palestinian [land].”