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French city grants "honorary citizenship" to Palestinian terrorist prisoner

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “A city in France grants honorary citizenship to prisoner al-Rimawi”
“Today Bezons City in France will grant honorary French citizenship to prisoner Majdi al-Rimawi from Beit Rima in the Ramallah District. This will happen at an official ceremony of the Bezons municipality, in the presence of the prisoner's wife, Fathiya Barghouti... [Fathiya] Barghouti said to ‘I am proud of this noble act, which is a mark of honor and great pride in the way of the struggle of my husband and all the prisoners and fighters of our people, who sacrifice their lives for their people and their honor.’"
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Note: Majdi al-Rimawi - sentenced to life imprisonment plus 80 years. Participated in planning and carrying out the murder of Israeli Minister Rechavam Zeevi.

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