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PA TV on Norwegian broadcast of interview with PMW

Program: Circle of Events
Guest: Naji Shurab, Political Science lecturer at Al-Hazar University of Gaza
The PA TV host Amira Hananiya mentions the Norwegian report about incitement in the PA:
 “The Norwegian press, for example, official Norwegian television channel NRK, broadcast an eleven-minute long journalistic report about incitement against Israel on the official Palestinian Television or in the lands of Palestine, and there are those who said this is Antisemitism etc. Will Israel in fact manage to change their position? I saw the report on that channel, it might have been exaggerated, and there may be people on the Palestinian side dealing with the subject of Israel who cause our name to be sullied more than we work at attempting to uncover the truth, or uncovering the true face of Israel.”
Shurab: “Unfortunately, our media greatly assists, some of the Palestinian media [outlets] assist Israel voluntarily in achieving what it wants to achieve.”