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PA daily op-ed: Israel is "the number one enemy of humanity in the world"

Op-ed by Baha Rahal:
“Oh enemy of the sun, this is Saba’aneh”
“Day after day the Israeli occupation proves that it is the number one enemy of humanity in the world, who turns the ideology of occupation, settlement and racist mentality into its doctrine and life’s project, without any moral or humanitarian restraint. This is the reason it is full of fear, racism and dread and refuses to view its true colors, as depicted by the artist’s paint brush or the writer’s pen, who expose its policy in public, tell the absolute truth and [portray] the great suffering experienced by the Palestinian people because of the occupation’s policy, even if we are speaking of a caricature criticizing the tyranny, oppression and organized terror [it performs]. For this reason, artist and painter Muhammad Saba’aneh, possessing the beautiful national and moral voice, was arrested by the occupation’s authorities and army, because he was one of the targets of the occupation’s army that suffered from the paint brush of the artist who painted the concerns of the homeland and citizens and publicly and authentically exposed the occupation’s activities and abominable policy.”

Note: Caricaturist Muhammad Saba’aneh was arrested by Israel following a visit to Jordan, fined 10,000 shekels and sentenced to five months in prison for “contact with hostile elements.”

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