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Norway donates $43 million in aid for PA salaries

Headline: “Norway extends emergency aid to the PA”
"The Norwegian government decided yesterday [Feb. 23, 2013] to rush and send emergency aid to the PA to pay salaries to the employees in the public sector. This is within the framework of aid granted to finance the important services that the Palestinian people needs in the education-, medical care- and security-sectors.
Norwegian Foreign Minister, Espen Barth Eide said that Palestine cannot continue to rely on those donors forever. He noted that the stability of the Palestinian economy will not be ensured in the absence of progress in the political negotiations, in a way that will make the end of the Israeli occupation possible and enable the Palestinians to again control their resources.
He said that the current financial distress requires all parties involved to grant more funds in 2013, and called on all donors to hurry and transfer aid to the Palestinian budget as soon as possible.
Barth Eide said that Norwegian aid to the Palestinian budget, which comes to US $43 million, will be transferred through the World Bank, to help build the public institutions of the State of Palestine.”
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Note: PMW has documented that thousands of terrorists imprisoned in Israel are among the recipients of PA salaries. Aid money given to the PA for salaries and for the PA general budget pays the salaries of these imprisoned terrorists. To view PMW's report on this, click here.

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