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Palestinian terrorists serving life sentences honored on PA TV

"As long as it may last, the prison's doors will not stay shut [forever]... The clouds will disappear, and our honor will be restored. [Visuals of Marwan Barghouti, 5 life sentences] Oh free bird up above, [Visuals of Ahmad Sa'adat, head of terror organization PFLP] Send regards to my mother. [Visuals of Abbas Al-Sayid , 35 life sentences] Reassure her that I'm well." Note: Marwan Barghouti - serving 5 life sentences for planning terror attacks. Abbas Al-Sayid - serving 35 life sentences for planning two suicide bombings, one in 2002 at a Passover dinner, killing 30 Israelis, and another in 2001, killing 5 and wounding 100. Ahmad Sa'adat - serving a 30-year sentence for heading the PFLP terror organization. A song at PFLP event also praised him for planning the assassination of Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Ze'evi in 2001, but he has not been tried for this crime. This song originally aired Feb. 14, 2013. It was rebroadcast Feb. 23, 26, and March 5.

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