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MP says Norway "indirectly" funds terror, following Norwegian news report on PMW findings

Sam Sokol  |

MP says Norway "indirectly" funding terror

by Sam Sokol

Norwegian MP Peter Gitmark criticized his government's funding of the Palestinian Authority's general budget, asserting that it "almost seems to be an aid program to terror-convicted prisoners in Israel."

The PA uses this budget, among other things, to pay salaries to prisoners in Israeli jails who were convicted of various terror related offenses (as exposed by PMW, -Ed.).

Norway plans on clarifying the matter with the PA, said State Secretary Torgeir Larsen.

"After new questions have been asked, new claims have been made, we find it necessary, together with Great Britain, once more, to ask for clarifications from the PA regarding aid levels, amounts and determination of need related to this type of social aid," he said.

The comments came after state-television station NRK TV began investigating the matter, reported watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch.