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Donors requiring that their money be used for peace projects is "donor's filth"

Interview with
Abd Al-Fattah Abu Srour, Al-Rowwad Theater Director and Head of the Palestinian Actor's Union:
Abu Srour: "The theater's purpose is not to be diplomatic and not to make peace between the nations."
PA TV host: "Not for normalization."
Abu Srour: "Exactly, not for normalization."
TV host: "To make revolutions.
Abu Srour: "And not to accept donors' dictates for projects and programs that have nothing to do with us or with our Palestinian nation's priorities."
TV host: "I ask you: 'The donor's filth' in quotation marks, or without quotation marks, how has it affected our theater and culture in Palestine?"
Abu Srour: "Unfortunately it has affected many institutions, not only the theater. It has affected many cultural institutions - with agendas and projects that have nothing to do with us. The EU works a lot on normalization projects."
TV host: "Under the name of 'peace.'"
Abu Srour: "Under the name of 'peace.'"
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