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PA official says Fatah doesn’t recognize Israel and calls Israel an “enemy”

Al-Falastinia TV (PA)  |
The Al-Falastinia TV program Special Report interviews Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs and Member of Fatah Central Committee:
PA official, Sultan Abu Al-Einein: “If the Oslo Accords had been implemented our situation, the Palestinians would be much better.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “In general, you are in favor of these accords.”
PA official Al-Einein: “You’re trying to force me to say that I’m in favor of these accords.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “What is your position regarding Israel? Whether you recognize Israel or don’t recognize Israel.”
PA official Al-Einein: “I don’t recognize Israel. The Fatah movement does not recognize Israel. There was mutual recognition between the PLO and the Israeli side. The Fatah movement did not submit any document recognizing Israel’s existence.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “But Fatah is a big group [within the PLO] and it controls the PLO.”
PA official Al-Einein: “It is Fatah (he mistakenly says “PLO”) who ordained itself as leader of the PLO wings, in the name of all Palestinian factions. We have different views and opinions within the PLO.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “Do you know what’s strange? Many of the Fatah leaders we speak to, when we come to this matter ‘Brothers you are members of the Central Committee, do you recognize Israel or not?’”
PA official Al-Einein: “They’ll tell you they don’t. They will all tell you they don’t.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “So why do you negotiate [with Israel]?”
PA official Al-Einein: “You negotiate with your enemy not with your friend.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “Let’s assume that the Oslo Accords were fully implemented – we obtained a Palestinian state.”
PA official Al-Einein: “In the June 4 [1967] borders. Fine, I’ll be naïve.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “Will you recognize Israel?”
PA official Al-Einein: “I’ll recognize Israel.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “Next question. As long as Israel is recognized, in a situation where there is a Palestinian state within the June 4, 1967 borders, now, will the refugees return to Israel or to the Palestinian state?”
PA official Al-Einein: “Before [responding to] the question, let me say: Before we recognize the State of Israel’s existence we will need to hold a referendum among the Palestinians, after we obtain a complete and absolute agreement.”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “[Let’s assume] that the Israelis recognized Palestine as the State of Palestine [within the] 1967 [borders but without the return of the refugees], you are a leader, will you recognize [Israel]?”
PA official Al-Einein: “I, as a Palestinian from the Acre sub-district will ask a question, is it not my right to ask: ‘The second part of the homeland where my forebears lived, to whom does it belong?’”
Al-Falastinia interviewer: “So you won’t recognize [Israel] even if there will be a Palestinian state [within the] 1967 [borders]?”
PA official Al-Einein: “Without a doubt.”