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PLO official on PA TV: Goal of Zionism is to conquer Mecca and Arab holy sites

Official PA TV program Religion and Politics hosted Father Manuel Musallam, a Catholic priest and Head of the PLO Department of the Christian World:
Father Manuel Musallam: “And now I would like to draw the Arabs’ attention to the fact that Jerusalem is not the final goal of Zionism. As [former Israeli Prime Minister] Golda Meir and others have stated, the gates of Mecca and those of all the Arab states, all the holy places of the Arab homeland, as [Theodor] Herzl said, are places of idolatry and Israel plans to destroy them, because it thinks this will bring it closer to God”
PA TV host: “Father Manuel, to conclude, do you think that this time is near?”
Father Manuel Musallam: “It is closer than the eyebrow is to the eye.”