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US policy is to help radical Muslims take over the Arab World

From an op-ed by Hafez Barghouti:
“What is happening in Syria is that it is being exhausted, so that its characteristics as a state disappear, until there is an appropriate political party, a friend and outgrowth of the Americans, to take over the government. This is [happening] because at the moment, the long arm belongs to the Jabhat Al-Nusra [group] and the other forces, and the Muslim Brotherhood organization has not been able to gain dominance and was not able to swallow the revolution as it did in Egypt…
In Egypt, there is a plot to entangle the Egyptian army until it falls apart, and then the only factor guaranteeing Egypt’s internal and external security will be easily moved, because according to understanding between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Americans, the Egyptian army must be reduced so that it will be a small defensive army, helpless in the face of Israel…
In practice, the American policy is still working to impose the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule on the Arab region. Therefore it does not criticize the violations of law, the election forgeries and the widespread anarchy in Egypt…”
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