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PA radio dedicates segment to terrorist Mughrabi, portrays her as model Palestinian woman

The official PA radio Voice of Palestine’s daily news and events program Today’s Events:
Host Khaled Sukkar: “Dalal Mughrabi rises above the traditional role of the woman – to the [role of] a woman leader…”
PA Radio reporter Wisal Abu Alya: “She, Dalal Mughrabi, a woman from Palestine, a blend of the branches and fragrances of Jaffa… mixed with the sadness and tragedy of Lod. A woman who walked freely to meet freedom and met it on March 11, 1978 (i.e., the day of Dalal Mughrabi’s terror attack during which she died).”
From the archives: “This operation (i.e., terror attack) departed from Beirut, and was led by [the woman] named Dalal Mughrabi. This operation, the taking control of a bus on the Palestinian coast (i.e., on the Israeli coast near Haifa) – the people followed every detail of this operation and it was an extraordinary boost to their morale.”
PA Radio reporter Wisal Abu Alya: “33 years have gone by quickly for the Palestinians, young and old. This is always on their mind; The 20 year old [woman] who led a group of 11 men who longed for their homeland [but] no one gave them their keys, so from the wound of the Nakba (i.e. “the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) and their being refugees they made a golden key, and entered it [the homeland], so that Dalal would lead them to the Palestinian coast, and then they would take control of an Israeli military bus (i.e., it was a bus of civilians with men, women, and children, -Ed.) near the Israeli Parliament building. They (i.e., the group of terrorists) all died as Martyrs (Shahids) after killing dozens.”
From the archives: “A revolutionary fighter, with a strong Palestinian sense of belonging, represents the female resolve regarding the Palestinian issue, represents the strength, will and idea of the Palestinian struggle as embodied in the Palestinian woman. “
PA Radio reporter Wisal Abu Alya: “Dalal Mughrabi was not satisfied with the traditional role of the woman but rose above it to bravery and was the leader of the Fedayeen (self-sacrificing fighters, someone prepared to die for a cause) group that became an illuminating landmark.”
Member of the Palestinian Women’s General Secretariat, Haytham Arar: “As a Palestinian woman I am proud of the brave fighter and commander, Martyr Dalal Mughrabi, because she granted multiple meanings to women’s activity, on a public level and especially on the [level of] the national issues. Dalal Mughrabi was not satisfied with complementary roles or with the traditional roles of women but rather was the commander and was the symbol of the struggle’s progressive activity.”
PA Radio reporter Wisal Abu Alya: “Is the recollection of bravery not worthy of coming to mind again? How will the river’s waters return to their course and the tree to its roots and the melody to the song? Our children will read about a woman who unsheathed the wind and the fire (i.e., like a sword) to raise the Palestinian flag deep in Palestine.”

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