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PA daily: Muhammad preached treating your neighbor well, even Jews and other heretics

Op-ed by Umar ibn Abd Al-Majid Al-Bayanouni, religion supplement of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
“Among the duties that have been neglected and that are being disrespected is the duty towards the neighbor and the appropriate way of treating him… A neighbor is anyone who lives near you, whether he is a Muslim or a heretic, a righteous person or a sinner, a benefactor or a harmful person…
The ‘Sahaba’ (the Prophet’s companions), Allah’s blessing upon them, would fulfill the duty towards the neighbor even if [they were] heretics, and they were very strict about this. The Mujahid [Ibn Jabr] said: ‘I slaughtered a sheep for Abdallah Ibn Umar in his home, and when he came he said: ‘Did you also give to our Jewish neighbor? Did you also give to our Jewish neighbor?’ I heard Allah’s messenger, prayer and peace be upon him, say: ‘Jibril (i.e., the angel Gabriel) still instructs me [to behave well] towards a neighbor, so much so that I thought he would appoint him as his successor.’”