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PA daily denounces British rule over South American island, comparing it to Israeli “occupation”

Op-ed by Al-Hayat Al-Jadida’s Editor-in-chief Aref Hijawi
“The Falkland Islands face Argentina’s coast. Britain conquered the islands 173 years ago and the Europeans settled them. According to estimates, at the moment, the settlers constitute 70% of the islands’ inhabitants, [numbering] only two thousand people.
In order to confirm its right over these islands, Britain held a referendum two days ago [March 13, 2013] and the results showed that 99.8% are interested in London’s rule.
Afterwards, the new Pope came and firmly stressed that the ‘islands are Argentinian’ and following the referendum [British PM] Cameron caused a diplomatic wrangle with the Vatican.
It doesn’t matter how cruelly the occupation acts and doesn’t matter how much the settlers build, the land will still belong to its owners, if they keep the flame of the demand burning. The Argentinians are determined despite the passing of 173 years and we are no less determined.”