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International donors group to give 1.2 billion to the PA for 2013

Reporting on a meeting in the donor group, the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee in March 2013 in Brussels: 
“Yesterday [March 19, 2013], Prime Minister Fayyad welcomed the results of the meeting in Brussels with the donors whose commitments will allow the fulfillment of the needs of the PA, which are estimated at $1.2 billion for 2013. Fayyad said that the meeting of the [Ad Hoc] Liaison Committee (i.e., international group of donors), which has been established for this purpose, had been satisfactory.
Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Espen Barth Eide who heads the [Ad Hoc Liaison] Committee: ‘We have obtained more contributions. Therefore it looks as if we will be able to cover the deficit and this is good news.’ According to the organizers, Saudi Arabia will particularly contribute a portion of these funds.
The High Representative of [the Union for] Foreign Affairs [and Security Policies] of the EU, Catherine Ashton, explained that the 27 countries ‘will keep the same level of aid this year,’ of 300 million Euros as in 2012. She also announced [the donation of] additional aid in the amount of 7 million Euros ‘for dealing with the worsening of the financial crisis, which has befallen the PA.’”
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