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PMW findings initiate debate in Norway about funding to the PA

Ben Dror Yemini  |

A blow for the Incitement Industry

by Ben Dror Yemini

A few weeks ago, a report went out here [Ma’ariv newspaper] about the Norwegian state television channel broadcast covering incitement in Palestinian media. The broadcast aired in part because of the publication of Palestinian Media Watch’s book "Deception" in Norwegian. A Norwegian journalist visited Israel and the PA in order to check out the situation. He met with PMW representatives and with citizens of the PA and found that we are indeed dealing with incitement.

However, the story is not over. For a few weeks now, a fierce public discussion is underway in Norway. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry has reported in the past to the parliament that Norway's aid does not, for example, fund terrorists in prison. PMW insisted that this information was incorrect. The debate became heated. This week, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry issued a notice, which should be called a confession, that their first report was wrong. Norway does transfer funds to the Palestinian Authority and these funds reach murderers sitting in prison in the form of ongoing grants.

Norway heads the countries that support the PA. Similar discussions on funding incitement are taking place in the UK and the Netherlands. Itamar Marcus, founder of PMW, was invited to European Parliament to present an accurate picture of the situation. The demand is not to stop the aid, but rather to supervise the aid. No more funding of incitement and murderers. It turns out that serious, credible information makes a difference. Maybe, just maybe, the hatred and incitement industry will suffer a blow. Please God.