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“There was indescribable joy” after Mughrabi’s terror attack that killed 37 civilians

PA TV program Personal Encounter interviews Ahmad Mughrabi, terrorist Dalal Mughrabi’s brother who lives in Beirut.
PA TV host: “Greetings to our viewers from the capital of Lebanon – Beirut.
In our personal encounter in March how can we not host the brother of commander and fighter Dalal Mughrabi.”
Host: “When you found out about the operation (i.e., terrorist attack), do you remember what the atmosphere was on that day?”
Ahmad: “There was indescribable joy. As for us guys, we were young then, there was indescribable joy, there was, you could say, a wedding, there was joy, the whole street was gunshots, ululations (i.e., cries of joy) and celebrations. A wedding also on a personal level. “
Host: “Did you know that your sister was there?”
Ahmad: “Of course, of course, of course… We received information that Dalal Mughrabi was [in the operation] and of course all the neighbors and the various Fedayeen (self-sacrificing fighters, someone prepared to die for a cause) and all Palestinian factions went out to the square and ululated and everyone was shooting all through the street. This made us happy. Of course mother was touched because she is a mother and she is worried about her and she misses her. She was crying and laughing, crying and laughing…
Regarding Dalal, this is a great honor for us, an honor for the Palestinian woman, this was a great day (i.e., the day she became a Martyr).”
Host: “She is a symbol, and not only an Arab or Palestinian [symbol].
Maybe Dalal is the embodiment of the revolution, the Palestinian revolution, which sets an example for all the revolutions in the world. Maybe Dalal is a symbol for every revolutionary woman in the world and not just in Palestine or the Arab world.”