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Israel and US created Jihad organizations and purposely caused division in the Arab world

Op-ed by Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
In the beginning of the article the writer explains why the renewal of relations between Israel and Turkey is in Israel’s, Turkey’s and the US’ interests and adds:

“…That being the case, settling the dispute is necessary to both Turkey and Israel and first of all to America. This [is the case] because of the region’s lack of stability and the growing effect of the Jihad organizations, who are blaming people of heresy (they were created by the American, Israeli, European and Turkish-Arab security services), some of them stopped obeying and started threatening the region’s security. In addition, there is an American-Israeli trend to re-divide the Arab People’s nations according to ethnic groups, religion and ethnicity, because in their opinion the Sykes-Picot agreement, signed in 1916, can no longer protect the interests of the West and Israel. This required dismantling the nation-state and creating small states, divided according to ethnic group, religion and ethnicity.”
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