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Abbas: Save the “brave” prisoners “from the claws of the despised Israeli prison and jailer”

From Abbas’ full speech before the Arab Summit:
     “On the topic of Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation is working methodically and diligently to Judaize East Jerusalem and to alter its character, to uproot its Palestinian residents and damage the Al-Aqsa mosque and holy Christian and Muslim sites. Therefore, there is no other option but Arabic-Islamic activity towards the UN and international organizations in order to prevent the Israeli occupation from carrying out its destructive plans against Jerusalem, its history, culture, landmarks and archeological, religious and spiritual relics…
Another pressing matter that occupies every Palestinian home, oh brother leaders, is the matter of our brave sons and daughters imprisoned in the Israeli occupation’s prisons, who are suffering serious violations, especially the hunger striking [prisoners]. Our duty is to act to save their lives from the claws of the despised Israeli prison and jailer.”

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