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PA Minister of Prisoners Affairs: PA will no longer pay prisoners’ fines to Israel

Headline: “Karake: We have decided to stop paying the occupation’s fines and to reassess the canteen agreement”
“Minister for Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Karake said that the Ministry for Prisoners’ Affairs has decided to stop paying monetary fines imposed by Israeli military courts on most prisoners, and to reassess the discriminatory canteen agreement…
Karake said: ‘This money, that military courts order to be paid, is used to finance the occupation’s administrative and military organizations. It is not repaid and it constitutes a severe economic burden on the citizens, on the family and on the PA.’
He said that imposing fines has become systematic and [a regular] part of Israeli legal policy. He added that collecting money like this from the Palestinian people is illegal, and noted that fines are imposed on 90% of the prisoners who are tried.”