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Abbas' Rep: Israel's history in Jerusalem is "forgery... myths, claims and phony fables” "tales" and "imaginary narrative"

     “Secretary-General of the Presidential Office, Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim said that by isolating Jerusalem, enclosing it with the wall, and building settlements, and [with] the evil intentions to implement the E1 plan (i.e., Israeli name for the stretch of land northeast of Jerusalem reaching to the west of Ma'ale Adumim), Israel seeks to destroy the whole peace process. He said that it [Israel] is deluded if it thinks that it will extinguish its [Jerusalem’s] flame and erase its cultural identity in this way."

Excerpt from the speech of Secretary-General of the Presidential Office, Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim:
‘Declaring Jerusalem the eternal capital of culture provides a strengthening of, and a natural, cultural and historical way of emphasizing the cultural situation in the holy city… This obligates us to double the efforts made to preserve the city’s Muslim-Christian Arab identity and culture. [These efforts] are still less than what is necessary in view of the ethnic cleansing settlement attack that reinforces the [Israeli] tyranny of power, capital and media…
The harm done to Jerusalem‘s historical and cultural identity has received an additional and deeper dimension: The forgery of the city’s religious heritage and the attempt to blur and erase it by making it fit their [the Jews’] myths, claims and false fables. It has now become imperative to highlight Jerusalem’s cultural aspect and ascribe to it the importance it deserves, in addition to the political message, because culture is a spiritual and essential link between us and Jerusalem. We know how the Israeli authorities enlist intellectuals from different fields; artists, historians, and academics and host them each year so that they will write and compose tales and fables about their dreams regarding the holy city, for the purpose of molding their imaginary narrative and spreading their claim, which is disproved by reality…
In the name of Jerusalem, its residents and his Excellency the President [Abbas], I salute you and thank you and welcome your efforts once more for opening these events. We declare from here, from this place overlooking our Jerusalem, that Jerusalem will remain Palestinian-Arab. We will protect its identity with our lives and blood. These occupiers – besieging it now – must learn their lesson from the invaders who preceded them, for Jerusalem knew us before it knew those invaders. Know that while you learned to love it by force through fables, we were nursed on love for it [Jerusalem] through our mothers' milk. You will recognize the truth just as did the invaders who preceded you, for we hold the right, Jerusalem is ours and we will restore its eternal splendor among us, as it has been throughout history.’”

Note: E1 is the Israeli administrative name for the stretch of land northeast of Jerusalem and to the west of Ma'ale Adumim.