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Israeli TV lauds PMW for success and impact in Europe

Israeli TV lauds PMW
for success and impact in Europe

TV hosts: "We'll continue discussing foreign affairs with Itamar Marcus who I'm already awarding a small Israel Prize, or maybe a big one. Do you have one here? - I do, just a second. Norway has discovered that funds it gave to the PA are given to security prisoners. This information was brought to Norway's attention by PMW. Here is Itamar Marcus, director of PMW, good morning... You've been trying for years to bring this information to the world's attention. How did you suddenly succeed?"

PMW director, Itamar Marcus: "Two years ago we published that funds are going to monthly salaries for Palestinian terrorist prisoners. If the prisoner is senior enough and has spent enough time in prison these salaries can reach 12,000 shekels per month."

TV host: "Meaning, the Norwegians are paying the salaries of serial killers, people who committed horrifying crimes - at the taxpayer's expense."

PMW director, Itamar Marcus: "And not just the Norwegians, the EU, all European countries, the US as well. Anyone contributing to the PA's general budget is also funding security prisoners, including terrorists who committed murder."

TV host: "What do they think they're paying for?"

Itamar Marcus: "They want to strengthen the PA. They see it as a future state. They believe the money is going towards state-building. They don't understand that it's also going to security prisoners, towards extreme hate incitement against Jews and Israelis, which will make future peace impossible... In recent years we've been going from parliament to parliament in Europe, and to US Congress, presenting PA TV clips, examples from textbooks, from the education system and from [PA] Ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Sports..."

TV host: "What clip or section impresses the European associates the most? What do they see that makes them suddenly realize? When they see small children aspiring to become Martyrs?"

Itamar Marcus: "When they see the children."

TV host: "Let's watch -- we have an example:"

[PMW video shown]

Itamar Marcus: "This was on PA TV only recently."

TV host: "Great children's program. What can I say..."

Itamar Marcus: "Through the use of pretty colors and a pretty set they instill these hate messages into children's minds. These are messages of hate and demonization as if we 'rape women in the city squares.' It also has an Islamic message: We [Jews] are 'enemies of Allah, sons of apes and pigs.' These things stick to children, and this generation will grow up and we'll have to live in peace with them. This is exactly the danger."

TV host: "And now, you go to Norway, where, except perhaps for Ireland, we [Israelis] are in the worst position, opposed very much, and maybe even hated. I'm not exactly sure why. Are you able to make a real difference or do they say, 'Ok, the funds will be allocated differently.'"

Itamar Marcus: "For four years, we've been working with Norwegian MPs, mainly from the opposition. We heard statements by the three main opposition parties that if they win the September elections, they will change policy. I believe this will be a great success for Israel, when after elections there will be a change from one of the most hostile European countries towards Israel to one of the most supportive countries."

TV host: "What about the government itself? Isn't there any reaction about present funding that are reaching prisoners?"

Itamar Marcus: "The truth is, our material has led to a government crisis because it's been two years since we first published... For two years the Norwegian Foreign Minister has been telling Parliament: 'No, no, this money isn't for prisoners, it isn't money for terrorists, it's social aid for families.'"

TV host: "Let's see what the Foreign Minister said after he was rebuked."

[Video of Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide]

TV host: "They asked for more information."

Itamar Marcus: "And now even more than that. The Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs Committee in Norway has been asking [the Foreign Minister] for weeks: 'Why have you been telling Parliament for two years that the money is going to families while for two years you have PMW's material showing that the money is going to prisoners?' There might even be a larger committee of inquiry and I'll be asked to testify in Parliament."

Yisrael Hayom Foreign Editor Boaz Bismuth: "Could you give him a kiss?"

TV host: "You're sitting closer."

Yisrael Hayom Foreign Editor Boaz Bismuth: "I was going to on my own, but I'll do it outside. First of all, congratulations because these are facts and not words, words. So well done. When Yitzhak Rabin sat with Arafat in the beginning, the first thing he spoke about was education, for this reason."

TV host: "Itamar Marcus thank you very much for what you do for the Jewish people."