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PA Deputy Minister vows to keep paying prisoners' salaries, even if Norway and Britain stop their aid

Article by Omar Abu Arqoub:
Headline: “Israel is fighting against the prisoners’ issue.”
“Deputy Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Ziyad Abu Ein told Hona Al-Quds (internet news site): ‘If the financial assistance and support to the PA are stopped, the [payment] of salaries (Rawatib) and allowances (Mukhassasat) to Palestinian prisoners will not be stopped, whatever the cost may be. The prisoners are our joy. We will sacrifice everything for them and continue to provide for their families.’
Abu Ein added: ‘Israel supports and finances comprehensive activity in Europe; to be precise, in England, Norway and Belgium, for stopping the financial support and assistance to the PA and for fighting against the issue of the prisoners, who [Israel] describes as terrorists and suicide [bombers]. This is a kind of incitement and even more so, it is an attempt to inflame world opinion against the Palestinians.’
Abu Ein said that the European governments turned to them about this issue. He added that the Ministry [of Prisoners’ Affairs] explained its official position and opinion, that these funds are transferred to the prisoners’ families, from whom the occupation has taken their head and provider and who are considered to be in need of welfare assistance. He noted that there is an understanding of the issue.”
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