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PA daily columnist supports cyber-attack against "the Israeli organized terror state"

In April 2013, hackers launched a series of cyber attacks against Israel. Regular columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman for the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida on the cyber attacks:
Headline: "Hackers' war on Israel"
     "The communications and information revolution that has left its mark on the era of globalization has introduced new weapons to the world and has opened new fronts in struggles among adversaries. [These new weapons and fronts] are no less important than military, economic, or diplomatic campaigns, and [they] can even overcome them in terms of breaking down the enemy's strength…Two days ago [April 6, 2013] the Israeli organized terror state witnessed a new kind of warfare -launched by an ‘anonymous’ group of hackers calling themselves 'OpIsrael' as a sign of support for the Arab Palestinian struggle and its national cause. It succeeded in infiltrating 19,000 Israeli websites, among them the Israeli Ministry of War (i.e., Ministry of Defense, Ed.), Ministry of Education, Intelligence, Securities Authority, the courts, the Tel Aviv police department, the 'Kadima' political party, and the Bank of Jerusalem…
This war began on the eve of the Israeli apartheid state's 'Holocaust Day' commemoration. The 'Anonymous' group posted many messages in favor of the prisoners' struggle and of [the struggle] of the entire Palestinian people… on a number of Israeli sites that they hacked. Similarly, it condemned the Israeli ethnic-cleansing-state's crimes and violations against Palestinian Arabs…
Chairman of the Israeli Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, Avigdor Liberman, claimed that the hackers' attack that was intended to sabotage Israeli websites is further evidence of Jew-hatred. But this is not true, since the attack did not harm Jews, but rather Zionists, the enemies of peace and coexistence among nations... Therefore, Liberman and the other murderers and criminals should stop making use of worn-out and tattered cards that are [now] laid bare before the entire world…
The hackers' war has become part of the struggle against the Israeli aggression-occupation state. Forces that support national rights and are internet experts should continue their attacks against different Israeli websites, and they should expand their war, to force Israel to cease its aggression and crimes against the Palestinians.”

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