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Boy scouts teaches kids: “We will return to our homeland Palestine” and “expel the Zionists”

PA TV program One Day We Will Return interviews children who are part of the scout youth movement, living in refugee camps near Tyre, Lebanon:
PA TV host, Zina Abd Al-Samad: “Where are you from in Palestine?”
Boy: “Damun (near Acre).”
PA TV host: “What do you learn in the youth movement?”
Boy: “We learn drills and discipline exercises so that we will free our land, occupied Palestine.”
PA TV host: “Do you want to return to Palestine?”
Boy: “Of course.”
PA TV host (interviewing a second boy): “Are you also from Damun?”
Boy: “Yes.”
PA TV host: “What do you learn in the scouts [movement]?”
Boy: “Order and discipline and respect of others and self-respect and that we will return to our homeland Palestine.”
PA TV host: “What would you like to say to Palestine and the families of Palestine?”
Boy: “We will return to it safe and sound and restore our lands and expel the Zionists and enemies from it.”