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PA radio: “Palestine is still from the river to the sea”

Palestinian radio program Today’s Events:
PA radio host: “A cultural event in Qalqilya to commemorate the anniversary of Haifa’s fall.”
Voice of Palestine correspondent in Qalqilya: “To commemorate the 65th Nakba Day (“the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) and anniversary of the city of Haifa’s fall– on this April 22, a group of people of culture from the Qalqilya district organized a song and culture symposium titled: ‘Haifa and the first link in the Nakba sequence [of events].’…
The public’s thinking, wherever they may be found, that Haifa was the first link in the sequence [of events] that was the Nakba and that we should begin here and emphasize the fixed position, upon which no doubt is cast, which is, that Palestine is still from the river to the sea and that Haifa, we should begin here, and learn the circumstances of this city’s fall and the dirty, contemptible conspiracy perpetrated against this great nation by Great Britain and the Hagana and Stern units (i.e., Jewish pre-state armed defense units).’”
Reporter Na’im Swailem: “The cultural event lasted over two hours, during which many poems and articles were read… describing what occurred in Haifa specifically, and what happened and what is still happening to the Palestinian territories: Conspiracies that eventually lead to its occupation and to the founding of the Israeli occupation state. Likewise, the event included art and poetry segments describing life in the occupation’s shadow… researcher Abd Al-Aziz Arar gave an overview of Haifa’s history, concluding with its fall and occupation and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of its residents.”