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Israel Ambassador Prosor cites PMW material in speech to the UN

Statement by Ambassador Ron Prosor
to UN Security Council 
at the Open Debate on the Middle East

Mr. President,

...Israel wants peace. Not a day has gone by in the past 65 years in which the people of Israel have not yearned for peace. Last month, during his visit to Israel President Obama said, "I know Israel has taken risks for peace…. [and] I believe that the Israeli people do want peace."

Jewish tradition teaches that the world is sustained on three pillars - truth, justice and peace. Today I'd like to speak about the three pillars upon which a true and lasting peace in our region must stand. These pillars of peace are the foundation that must remain standing in the shifting sands of the Middle East. Anything less would be a peace based on illusions and delusions, a peace that is bound to crumble.

Mr. President,

Pillar number one: Peace must be built on a foundation of education for tolerance and coexistence.

Peace should be fostered in homes, taught in schools, nourished by leaders and woven into the very fabric of society. The UN Charter urges nations to (and I quote), "Practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours".

It doesn't take an urban planner to realize that the Palestinians are missing the blueprints to build a peaceful neighborhood. From cradles to kindergarten classrooms, from the fields of summer camps to the fields of football stadiums, messages of intolerance fill Palestinian society.

Under the Palestinian Authority, students learn history from textbooks that glorify terrorists. They learn geography from atlases that erase Israel from the map. Gaza kindergarten graduations feature "terrorist dress-up". Five-year olds stage plays that glorify jihadists and suicide bombers. Instead of learning their ABCs, Palestinian children are being taught H-A-T-E. Hate.

Flip through the channels of Palestinian Authority television and you might find a children's program featuring a young girl reciting a poem (exposed by PMW) that called Jews (and I quote) "Allah's enemies, the sons of pigs" who "rap[e] women in city squares." Apparently, this is what passes for "educational television" under the Palestinian Authority.

How can we expect children in Gaza to learn tolerance when their own leaders repress them day in and day out? Hamas has banned co-education, arrested women for riding bicycles, and prohibited women from appearing in public with their hair uncovered. Earlier this month, Hamas police pulled dozens of young men off the street and brutally beat them for the so-called "offense" of wearing pants that were too tight. I'd say that this is taking the phrase "fashion police" to a whole new level.

Month after month this Council meets to discuss what is wrong in the Middle East. Where are the concerned voices in this debate for all the hate being taught to Palestinian children? Where are the cries denouncing the incitement that poisons the wells of peace? [...]

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