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Op-ed: UN document on prevention of violence against women will promote homosexuality and promiscuity

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “A critical Shari’ah view of the UN document entitled ‘The elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and young women’”
by Hassam Al-Din Afana of Al-Quds University, in his weekly Questions and Answers column in the religion section of the Palestinian daily, Al-Quds.

Q: “This past March [2013], the UN approved a document on the prevention of all forms of violence against women. I read that some of its paragraphs contradict Islamic Shari’ah [law]. Could you please clarify the Shari’ah position regarding this document for us?”

A: “The UN’s definition of violence groups all the differences between the way men and women are treated under the term ‘gender-related crimes,’ thereby [implying] that there should be complete equality between men and women in [all] aspects of life and law!...

Those who follow what the enemies of the Islamic nation are introducing into its religion and culture in order to destroy its essence and uniqueness believe that ‘gender’ is not just a word, but a whole philosophy of Western values [aimed] against our Islamic society, whose purpose is to erase all differences between men and women and to treat human beings as creatures that are equal in all their characteristics and components, like animals and plants.

The ‘gender’ advocates believe that the anatomical, physiological and hormonal differences between men and women are inconsequential and that they can be bypassed and considered uninfluential!

Not only do these people call for equality between men and women, but [they] call to cancel and disregard the differences between them, and even speak out against their need of one another and against their complementation of one another, as well as against their economic, social and sexual need of one another. This, since according to this definition, a woman can fulfill all her needs with a woman such as herself and a man can fulfill his needs with a man like himself.

The offensive idea of ‘gender’ is meant to destroy the family entity and Muslim society by [instilling] doubt in the truth of the Islamic religion – by spreading doubts about Shari’ah rulings in general, and about those pertaining to women in particular.

The advocates of ‘gender’ are striving to put an end to the roles of family, father and mother in Muslim society, and for the rejection of marriage; they also call for women’s ownership of their bodies, which is clearly a call for promiscuity, for the rejection of reproduction and the permission of abortions and homosexuality. And the person who claimed that ‘gender’ is a tool in the hands of homosexuality spoke the truth…

One of the most dangerous things in this and similar UN documents is the obligation of the signatory countries to fulfill this agreement, for it follows that failing to implement it will result in political and economic pressure, such as conditioning economic assistance on the extent of the state’s commitment to implementing these agreements.

Likewise, [the agreements contain] very dangerous legal demands [stipulated] by the UN Commission on [the status of] women, which aims to use them to transfer so-called ‘gender-based violence crimes’ to the International Criminal Court for being ‘war crimes’! So, for example, a woman, who received her inheritance according to Islamic law, whose husband married another [woman] or had sexual relations with her against her will, may submit a complaint against her country to the UN, accusing it of discrimination and violence, and file a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court! There is no doubt that this constitutes a detachment from religion and an attack on its principles."