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University lecturer on PA TV: Democracy is a foreign concept, not rooted in Islam

PA TV program Religion and the World episode about differences and disputes in Islam.
Physics and education lecturer at the Al-Istiqlal University in Jericho, Dr. Muhammad Abu Samra:
“Moderate Islam at present – what is being suggested, is an Islam that accepts the language of the present, an Islam that accepts the jargon of the time and its neologisms as is – [this is what] is now called ‘moderate Islam.’ For example: Democracy. Democracy is one of those flowery expressions and so-called moderate Islam has adopted it. Let’s examine it according to Islam… Democracy, essentially we have to examine its origins, where did it originate? It didn’t originate in Islam. It originated in a non-Islamic population. Demos kratos, meaning, ‘the people rule the people,’ the people rule themselves. In other words, the people themselves legislate whatever they want and whatever seems suitable in their eyes, in order to rule themselves.
Alright. And what about God? We say: ‘Who is the ruler? God is the ruler.’ If the people want to determine their own laws, then we have put in a new religion that is different from the religion of Islam – a religion of the people, a religion determined by the people.”

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