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High school exam questions promote violence and struggle against Israel

Headline: “Questions and answers from the Arab language matriculation exams, form number two”

Question no. 10: Circle the correct answers for the following questions:
6. One of the following sentences is a declarative clause …
D. O self-sacrificing fighter (Fedayyeen), your dwelling is Paradise, Allah willing…

14.2. In which of the following clauses must the subject come before the object?
a. The homeland will be liberated by its heroes…

14.8. What is the vocative noun in the sentence: ‘Brother, in Jerusalem we have a sister…’
(PMW Ed. note: This is a line from a famous poem which begins with the words: “Brother, the exploiter has crossed the borders…” The rest of the line quoted in the exam is: “Brother, we have a sister in Jerusalem – the slaughterers have prepared the slaughtering-knife for her.”)

Question no. 15: Read the following text and answer the following questions:
‘How wonderful it is that a man belongs to something. Only the loyal know the status of homeland, those who devote themselves to protecting it and offer their blood to ransom it, so that its flag will be raised. All should know: The homeland is precious and each one of us has a duty that we must fulfill with loyalty and devotion. Indeed, great is the man who has the sense to dedicate himself in his actions and giving, and there is no forgiveness for those who shirk.’…

Question no. 17: Vocalize the words indicated in the following sentences: ...
1. How beautiful is the [act of] sacrifice.
2. Allah, lead us to victory over our enemies.”