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PA minister: Israel assigns Jerusalem a "forged Jewish character that is far from its Islamic and Christian rootedness"

Headline: “Al-Husseini updates a Danish delegation about the occupation’s steps in Jerusalem”
“[Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, and Jerusalem District Governor Adnan] Al-Husseini related to the battle for school curricula that the Palestinian people is immersed in, because the occupation authorities are scheming to fraudulently interfere with Palestinian curricula and alter expressions that are in the heart of Palestinian history and faith, as part of a systematic program using forgery, distortion and deception that has almost fooled many people, and whose goal is to erase signs of Arab, Islamic, and Christian culture, to clear the minds of the new generations, and purge them from their cultural and historical past that has been rooted in this land for thousands of years.
He also related to the destructive actions and excavations being carried out by the occupation authorities in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and its presentation of its forged Jewish character that is far from its Islamic and Christian rootedness, and mentioned the ‘Mughrabi Gate’ neighborhood, 12% of whose houses have been demolished and removed, and most of whose residents have been banished.”

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